Two young women who had set out on a mission to achieve acne and blemish-free skin were excited when they stumbled on a “face cream” that was supposed to perfect their skin by preventing break-outs, eliminating dark spots, and restoring clarity. Neither had the best-looking skin, but with makeup it looked nearly perfect. The two women wanted to have clear and radiant looking skin without makeup – and this cream offered that possibility.

The initial results were phenomenal but very short-lived. Rashes in the form of water-filled bubbles suddenly developed on their faces.

At first, these rashes were attributed to heat, but it soon became obvious that it was time to stop using this cream after noticing an increase in the severity of the rashes.

A dermatologist confirmed that the cream was extremely harmful to the skin and prescribed acne pills to control the damage, but the pills caused hormonal imbalances as well as anxiety and migraines.
Tired of spending copious amounts of money on cures that delivered no results, these ambitious women decided to try over-the-counter acne solutions and cleansers to alleviate their skin problems. Again, the results proved futile.

Having exhausted all their options, the two women spent countless hours reading and discovering a wealth of information that pushed them to team up with a group of chemists and pharmacists to execute their vision of finding a solution for clear and brighter skin: And thus, BrightenMi was born.
Considering the immense success of BrightenMi test creams, the company set out to assist other people with similar skin problems. BrightenMi combines FDA-approved ingredients for acne treatment with fruit-based acids and Vitamin C for skin-brightening.

BrightenMi understands that it takes time and patience to achieve great-looking skin; and unlike other companies that use unsafe ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, and steroids for quick skin brightening, BrightenMi uses safer alternatives to effectively fight not only acne but also other skin problems resulting from Discoloration, Hyper Pigmentation, Melasma, Sunburn, and Blemishes.
BrightenMi will always provide its customers with the most innovative technologies to help them achieve flawless and brighter looking skin. It’s a promise.

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