BrightenMi Honey Face Cream Oily Skin


  • Moderately concentrated
  • Illuminates skin
  • Smoothens & softens
  • Contains Vit. C
  • Up to 3+ shades brighter
  • 2oz/50g
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Designed to eliminate discoloration and other imperfections, this ultimate brightening cream combines BrightenMi’s advanced brightening technologies to achieve ultimately clear skin for an even complexion with perfect radiance. The anti-aging /anti-oxidant Vitamin C protects against environmental pollutants, preventing aging and sun damage. Works well on oily skin, and the light, dewy texture absorbs quickly from the skin surface to deep within. Use daily to moisturize and brighten complexion. Will brighten up to 3 shades or more with continuous use. Start noticing results in as little as 14 days*.


Tip: Step 1. Face exfoliant. Step 2. facial cleanser, Step 3. face cream

Exfoliate every other day with BrightenMi Face Exfoliant for better and faster results.

Directions: For faster results, apply directly to skin daily, with main focus on brown spots and uneven areas. Avoid contact with eyes.

Recommendation: Follow up with BrightenMi SPF 15 Sunscreen daily, after application in order to prevent further skin discoloration.

Skin type: Works best on oily skin.

*May take up to 6 weeks.

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Skin Type

Oily Skin




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