BrightenMi Olive Line Nutmeg 5 set


BrightenMi nutmeg 5-set skincare system for clear glowing skin

  • Nutmeg Body Lotion
  • Nutmeg Face Cream
  • Nutmeg Toner
  • Face Exfoliant
  • Cleansing Soap
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BrightenMi Olive Line

Nutmeg 5 set

For beautiful clear glowing skin, try BrightenMi’s nutmeg 5-set skincare system.

Set includes

  • Nutmeg Body Lotion
  • Nutmeg Toner
  • Nutmeg Face Cream
  • Face Exfoliant
  • Cleansing Soap
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Clear glowing skin lotion and face cream - For a polished and sun kissed glow - BrightenMi Olive Nutmeg system.

Nutmeg Body Lotion

BrightenMi Clarifying and Moisturizing Nutmeg Body Lotion Infused with Olive extracts


This freshly scented clarifying and moisturizing body toning milk specially infused with carefully extracted Olive Oil, will leave skin radiating without altering skin color. We all know the benefits of Olive extracts to our skin. Olive extracts are well known to possess anti aging properties. Olive oil is known to restore skin smoothness as well as protect against ultraviolet rays. The powerful anti-oxidant properties of nourishing Vitamin “E” and soothing aloe protect skin from harmful free radicals, resulting in smooth, soft and clear skin.

Nutmeg face cream

BrightenMi Nutmeg Face Cream Infused with Olive extracts - the secret to your most beautiful dark skin



Our Olive infused face cream is an FDA approved cream that prevents the natural formation of melanin. This cream can be used for all types of skin discoloration including freckles, liver and age spots, and scars. Within approximately a month of using our Nutmeg face cream, you will begin to see noticeable fading in discolored areas without any lightening. Armed with Natural ingredients like fruit extracts plus Vitamin C and E, rejuvenation is eminent. Clear,radiant and softer looking skin is expected within one to three months of use.

Nutmeg Toner

BrightenMi Nutmeg toner with Olive extracts


The Olive nutmeg cleansing toner uses breakthrough ingredients to brighten skin while fighting oil and acne. It reduces redness, fades scars and dries up pimples without drying out your skin.
Infused with olive extracts and kojic acid, it cleanses and targets excessive pigmentation by gradually fading persistent discoloration to even out skin tone. A proprietary blend of Arbutin, Kojic Acid and vitamins C and E helps visibly brighten your skin.

Get clear glowing skin with our Nutmeg skincare system

BrightenMi Olive Line Nutmeg 5 set skincare system

Our nutmeg products contains no significant brightening additives. Start noticing clear and glowing skin in as soon as 14 days.

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1 review for BrightenMi Olive Line Nutmeg 5 set

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jackie Frazier

    BrightenMi did it again and the price of this new line is awesome. Fell in love with the Olive Line the minute the campaign AD crossed my social media radar. Decided to try out the NUTMEG set of 5 products and I tell you, not only has it evened out my skin, but the texture and smell are to-die-for. I’m hooked!

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